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Geiger at GoPlayNW

2009 Jun 30

Apparently Ping, James Brown, Eric Boyd, and Matthew SB played Geiger Counter at GoPlayNW 2009 and had quite a time of it. It was even mentioned twice on One Cool Thing (since Jason was there to film his trademark video montage).

James Brown said: “Jonathan Walton, you bastard. Why didn’t you show me that game before?”

And Jeremy Tidwell, who didn’t even play the game, said: “And they had this map of this space station. They were drawing as the fiction went along. And they were adding in all these little bits and pieces, ventilations and… y’know… the wave of chaos was moving through it. But they were creating the setting as it progressed and that seemed really awesome. I really want to play this game.”

Rock. Major props to Ping and the boys for bringing the awesome!