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Danny Boyle on Geiger Counter

2009 Jul 4

Spent the 4th watching Danny Boyle’s commentary on Sunshine and, man, does he say some smart things about how to set up a good survival horror flick in space. He says:

  • The best films in this genre are 2001, Solaris (the original), and Alien. Steal horribly if you must but you have to at least pay tribute. Alien, in fact, invented this concept that the interior of space ships has to be industrial, dimly lit, and shot in grey, blue, and green colors. 2001 invented every airlock sequence / jump between two ships that you’ve ever seen.
  • The core of these movies is A) a ship, B) a crew, and C) a signal they receive that changes everything.
  • The beginning of these films HAS to be slow. You establish things and then let the problem creep up on you before all hell breaks loose.
  • Once you establish the characters, “you can kill them in any order you like.”
  • Deprive the crew of their captain first or very early on.
  • Give each character a crisis that they either overcome or are destroyed by (not necessarily killed, but placed on a path of no return).
  • You can hint at romance but no sex or kissing on screen.

I’m going to have to watch it again at some point and take notes so I can quote him in the actual game. Also, I feel like I should pick up some other classics of this genre and watch commentaries by their directors. Ridley Scott in particular seems like he’d have some great things to say.

The Board Game Version

2009 Jul 4