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Deep Freeze

2009 Aug 5

Started playing Geiger Counter last night, for the first time in months, with John Harper, Ping, and Ben Robbins. Our premise is an antarctic drilling operation that encounters some ice-caves built by the German military forces in the 1930s. So far the menace is a ghostly, possessing sort of menace with 7 dice (one short of the peak) and none of the main characters have died yet.

We stopped mid-session because it was 10:30 (we started at 7), since we took our leisurely time with prep. Honestly, we probably could have finished in another hour, so it still seems like Geiger can still always finish in one-session, but this’ll be my first multi-session game, so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes. I’ve been thinking about whether the game could handle really slow-building stuff like Kirkman’s The Walking Dead or the recent slasher TV series Harper’s Island, but this seems more like a 2-part mini-series or something. It was a bit jarring for me to realign my expectations, pacing wise, that we weren’t going to finish last night, but, honestly, that didn’t occur to me until halfway through the game. I think it’ll be fine, though.

We’ve also been placing dice in locations after the first scene in that new location is over, which seems a natural move since, when you’re framing the scene… you wanna get right to what’s happening. And maybe additional dice need to be established to be in a place before you can roll them? Not sure, but it was interesting to notice.