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Kirby’s Asgard/Valhalla

2009 Aug 11

The classic Kirby illustrations of Asgard have the rainbow bridge and everything, basically merging Asgard and Valhalla together into a single sci-fi Kirbytech city.



Broken Rainbow

2009 Aug 11

I think this is the campaign I wanna run next, now that I’m in Seattle: The Ring Cycle + Last Exile, run using Mouse Guard but borrowing some color from Bliss Stage.

200 years into the retro-future, Götterdämmerung (the twilight of the gods) has arrived. The Bifröst Bridge that connects Valhalla to the mortal world has been shattered, draining all color from the world, causing it to resemble a post-apocalyptic, black-and-white war film circa 1920. The majority of Europe lies either in ruins or underwater, with the remnants divided between a number of competing warlords and their military forces.

A sizable human city has also been erected in the shadow of the floating city of Valhalla, near the shattered remnants of the rainbow bridge. After decades of praying to the Aesir for protection, young women with miraculous strength, speed, and resilience began emerging among the rag-tag mortal inhabitants — in reality, the bastard daughters of Wotan, the rakish, conniving king of the gods, conceived by a dozen different mothers. These new valkyries, the Broken Rainbow Squadron, have rollergirl attitudes, fly on hovercycles, and battle warlord jetfighters, monstrous wolves, and armies of giants in order to protect their home city (and, more importantly as far as Wotan is concerned, Valhalla).

Oh, and they also still capture the souls of the valiant dead and bring them home to Valhalla. But it’s not clear why, exactly. What could Wotan want with all those souls? And will the color ever be brought back into the world?

So, yeah, a wild, dangerous world + suspicious missions sent down from on high + unclear mortality + wandering heroes = Mouse Guard, I think. We’ll see if I can get anyone interested. I’m thinking all-female characters, but there might be a token valiant dead, perhaps.