Gamma is Coming

2010 Mar 16

Hey. Haven’t posted here since school started, really. Things have been completely overwhelming and I’ve been playing a bunch of stuff — Mouse Guard hack, Apocalypse World, some random one-shots of stuff — without having much time to reflect on it in writing. Hopefully I’ll have some time to talk about new shifts in my thinking since Spring Break is coming up.

I was recently needling John Harper for not releasing the partially-updated rules for Danger Patrol. He was waiting until they were fully polished, so he could make a full “beta” release and I basically said that was silly because one of the great things about the incremental publishing model is that you can make an update, large or small, whenever you like. And this week he called my bluff and released updates for both Danger Patrol and Lady Blackbird, destroying whatever excuses I have for not releasing a prototype of Geiger Counter “gamma.”

I still have a couple exams to finish, but after that I’m going to focus on cleaning my house and getting my gamma notes in a playable form instead of a bunch of shorthand that only makes sense to me. So yeah, gamma should be coming soon, at least a playable draft of it, anyway.

6 Responses to “Gamma is Coming”

  1. Ben Robbins Says:

    Who said peer pressure was a bad thing? Looking forward to it Jonathan.

  2. nemomeme Says:

    I, for one, am stoked about this. A great game!

  3. John Kantor Says:

    I’m also looking forward to seeing the last of the Murderland reviews (since mine is still waiting!).

  4. Still desperately lusting after this thing. As it turns out, Google Docs’ new drawing feature looks completely perfect for sketching out maps collaboratively online, so Skype-based Geiger Counter games are going to rock hard.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, folks. I’m taking a brief break from working on Geiger, because I was feeling a bit burnt out again, but will be back knocking pages out shortly.

  6. nemomeme Says:

    Playing this coming Sunday and looking forward to it. Beta with a little bit of Alpha mixed in: Arkhangelsk, 1919: the REAL story. ;)

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