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Star Wars Adventures

2010 Jun 26

This is me archiving a SG post from May, before I forget it.

So I had a dream last night in which Sage and I were browsing the shelves at some basement-dungeon game store. I picked up a copy of the “Monster Manual” equivalent for this new Star Wars RPG done by somebody other than Wizards. The game was called “Star Wars Adventures” and my brain suggests that this particular book was the “Foe Folio,” but I don’t think it was actually called that in the dream.

In dreamland, I pick the book up casually and I’m telling Sage, “Yeah, right, like this is gonna be any good. Let’s see how they butchered it…”

But, in the dream, the designers GOT IT. They really understood how to deliver content to players so that it was actually useful.

Like, there was an entry on Stormtroopers and it had several sub entries:

– Swarm of Endless Stormtroopers Providing Suppressing Fire
– Stormtrooper Tactical Squad on the March
– Stormtrooper Scout Patrol Out Looking for Something/Someone
– Stormtrooper Base Guards, Bored Amongst the Provinces
– Stormtrooper Jail Guards Halfheartedly Doing Their Duty
– Pair of Stormtroopers Guarding a Door
– Single Stormtrooper Breaking Off from their Squad to Investigate a Noise

And each subentry had a picture of the various different groups of foes you might encounter and their stats, even though the standard stormtrooper stat was repeated in pretty much every entry. But each group was right there, ready to use. Even the picture of each set of “foes” had a box drawn around each individual subtype, showing which one was a “stormtrooper who shouts out what they are going to do” and which ones were just “disposable stormtroopers.” And there were different “IF/THEN” statements amongst the explanatory text, such as: “If the players want to sneak up on the Two Stormtroopers Guarding a Door and ambush them, roll X.”