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On Criticism

2010 Aug 15

Archived from this thread on SG:

…there’s a difference between criticism and complaining. If you’re complaining because you paid good money for a game that’s kinda mediocre or not really finished, eh, I’m not that interested. It happens, y’know? Better to take it up with the designer. But if you’re writing criticism that, say, reflects on the current state of indie design / publishing / marketing / writing / play / etc. through the lens of the product in question, I’m fascinated. In my mind, that’s the kind of criticism that we need more of, criticism that acknowledges that there is a teeming world of games out there that any given product fits into somehow, even if it’s a mediocre product.

Issues in Indie Publishing: 2010

2010 Aug 15

Having missed GenCon this year, I’m trying to aggregate the various issues brought up by the post-GenCon blogosphere and forum conversations in this (so far, civil) thread on SG. Please point me at anything I may have missed.