On Game Descriptions

2010 Sep 19

One minor frustration from Game Chef this year. The vast majority of submitters are apparently incapable of following directions and submitting a short description of their game. Originally it was supposed to be 140 character or less (a Tweet), but everyone ignored it, so I went to 250. Still, most descriptions now are 260-290 and I’m emailing everyone with descriptions over 300 characters and telling them to cut them down.

Really, folks, this is YOUR LOSS. Being able to pitch your game in a couple of sentences is a CRUCIAL SKILL, even if you’re just pitching it to folks at your local game meetup or Games On Demand and don’t go on to develop your game commercially. If you can’t describe your game in 140 characters, you’ve already lost most of your audience.

2 Responses to “On Game Descriptions”

  1. Marc Says:

    Wow, I totally missed that requirement – good thing I’m reading blogs instead of scrambling to finish writing, like I should be! :)

  2. Brennan Says:

    Aw, shit! I totally misread that requirement. I thought you said 140 words! Mine is worthless, I’ll resubmit.

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