Spirit World Moves

2010 Oct 18

The basic spirit world move is: when you consult the oracles and sages the GM gives you an impression about what’s wrong with the world and how you can fix it.

Underneath this move are a number of options regarding who you consult when you use this move, some of which are situational and some of which must be bought with advances.

For example, if you consult with someone beholden to you in the great chain — a personal ancestor, your village shaman, someone who owes you a favor — you get more than an impression; you get their honest opinion (unless they are a PC). This is situational.

But you could also don the ritual garments of the Huai River Dragon and speak to greater spirits as an equal, giving you +1 forward on following their advice. This is a special move bought with an advance, typically, though you could also gain this ability situationally, by stealing the robes and usurping the role.

One Response to “Spirit World Moves”

  1. Sage Says:

    It’s really not that hard to consult me. A beer is usually enough.

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