2010 Oct 26

I’m calling these splats, so nobody better write them up before me. Or else I will look at you very sternly across the internet! :)

The Taikonaut

This character type starts out the game on a space station, with no way to contact the other characters unless they take certain moves like “microwave relay.” Also, they have -1 Hard because their body has become very weak from years in space, but they begin with a move that gives them +2 or +3 Hard in zero-G. They don’t have any way to mechanically purchase their return to earth, so they and the other players have to make that happen through the narrative. However, there is a character move called The Man Who Fell to Earth that goes: “When you land on the planet’s surface…” which talks about how your character changes at that point. There may also be a move that talks about what happens if you decide to head for one of the moonbases instead.

The Terrorform

This character type is a swarm of programmed nanotech bots that was made to reconfigure the earth back into a livable habitat after the apocalypse happened. However, the swarm is all sentient and messed up because of radiation or the Psychic Maelstrom or some other shit, so the Terrorform acts more a totemic spirit of the land and the land is fucking angry. This is going to be an experiment in using the Apocalypse World rules to provide rules for something that isn’t even really a character in the traditional PC sense. It’s also going to have a bunch of moves that allow it to draw, erase, and otherwise manipulate things on the maps your group has drawn for playing the game, since that’s one of the core requirements of AW, right?

One Response to “Dibs”

  1. Gregor Says:

    Frankly, not keen on the Terrorform at all.

    The Taikonaut is awesome awesome bloody awesome.

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