Coming Soon: GoPlay NW Convention Book

2010 Nov 17

With the Game Chef Playoffs being officially announced today, I think it’s probably better to wait until the weekend to officially announce this, but guess what Ryan Macklin and I are attempting to put together in time for GoPlay NW this year (though probably not officially associated with the folks organizing GoPlay, necessarily):

7 Responses to “Coming Soon: GoPlay NW Convention Book”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I think there’s a penis on the back of your book.

  2. Uh, that’s the missile icon from Super Metroid, but it can be a penis if you like.

  3. Ryan Macklin Says:

    Don’t worry, if we’re going to have a penis on our book, we’ll contact on Jennifer Rodgers about it. Cuz, you know, go with the professionals.

    – Ryan

  4. Chris Bennett Says:

    It’s like a penis with rockets on it. It’s going places.

  5. I see the editing credits, but who’s writing the pieces? :)

  6. You are, Christian. The entire book.

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