Super Suit: Playtest Photos 1

2011 Jan 2

These are from the intial setup and prep for the first ever playtest of Super Suit.

The ice cavern that Joney lands in

Joney Texico’s arc skimmer, in the cave entrance, with the mysterious shuttle tracks

The horrific frozen faces on some of the walls of the cave

An ice wall, with handholds carved into it, and Joney’s starting pylon

The discarded space suit boot that Joney finds at the end of a crawl tunnel

Joney’s “not sexy” super suit (with a smaller version, proportional to the map)

6 Responses to “Super Suit: Playtest Photos 1”

  1. Emily Care Says:

    Sexy is as sexy does!

  2. Yeah, that was partially a response to the oversexualization of Samus, the Metroid protagonist, in recent years. Plus, the most recent Metroid game has been criticized for moving away from the traditional portrayal of Samus as a badass.

  3. guyintheblackhat Says:

    Looks like the knights from Castle Crashers. Awesome map design – this is more of a spatial exploration title than I thought!

  4. I was inspired more by the bulky solar space suits in Danny Boyle’s “Sunshine,” but I’ll take your word on Castle Crashers.

    It’s definitely inspired by previous “make art while you play games” stuff like Geiger Counter and How to Host a Dungeon. In fact, I’m thinking of calling it “a solo crafting game of deadly space advantures” or something like that.

    The next time I play it, I want to try making papercraft maps or even laying out the map in InDesign.

  5. Noam Says:

    I really dig this and I think the game also has broader potential to emulate other platform type games (I sent you a message on story games about using it for a mario game).

    Big thumbs up!

  6. Noam: Sorry I kept forgetting to respond to your message. I think the drawing-on-cards-as-you-go thing might work for platforming games, but I’m less sure about the damage and resource system I have here. Still, yeah, I can imagine a “Super Shroom” variation more for Mario-type stuff, that’s even a bit more streamlined than this.

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