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Super Suit: Alpha Draft Update

2011 Jan 12

I’ve updated the alpha draft of Super Suit somewhat, based on early playtesting. It’s ALMOST playable by other folks at this point, at least through your first 10-15 cards or so.

If anybody else wants to start playing along, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have as we both try out this new game. It’d be nice to get some outside playtesting in before I send the finished draft off to Graham to sell at a charity event at Conception. So… free final versions to anyone who wants to play before then!

Super Suit: Playtest Photos 2

2011 Jan 12

Finally got to play through the first 4 cards of exploring Super Suit last night, which I learned a lot from, but still need a bunch more play to tweak things. Didn’t end up submitting a draft to the contest, since I still have more playtesting to do in order to get this ready for other folks to play it.

So far, the game plays a lot faster and crazier than I expected, so I need to tone it down a bit. I killed two minor horrors, evaded another, went through two hatches, fell through a crazy teleportation field, destroyed the field generator — which was marked with the same skull symbol as Joney’s skimmer, indicating ties to the late pirate queen Lady Tyrene — and am now stuck somewhere with no chance of getting back to Joney’s skimmer. I’m not even sure if emergency evac will get me back to my home pylon, given the unknown distance between the pylon and my super suit.

Anyway, here’s what the map looks like after just 4 more cards, both before and after I destroyed the field generator (perhaps my only way back).



More pics and an explanation of how things went down is coming later, including what I learned from just this tiny bit of play (i.e. need a focused theme for horrors, need to space things out a bit more).