Love and Kisses, Your MC

2011 Feb 19

Sage suggested it might be time for another indie game designer rap battle, but what’s the point when we all know I’m going to win again? I set a pretty low bar, believe me, but you folks gotta bring it if you want this to really be a competition.

I rock the phonics like Seattle Supersonics
you tap your mox ruby, I tap my mox onyx, then
dark ritual, let’s make it official
I cast magic missile and you’re ancient history
+3, +4, mark XP
my flow’s so golden it’s a Tier 7 MRCZ
in cultivation, don’t change the station
when I threaten badness y’all go on vacation

4 Responses to “Love and Kisses, Your MC”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Come on son, don’t be hatin’
    You got the dice, but can’t read the situation
    My flow’s so nice, rocks the whole damn nation
    Put you on the owe list for my recreation
    You think you’re hot but nothing phases
    These ritual phrases, I’ve got the power
    I’ll wave bye-bye as I storm the tower
    Don’t need an oracle to make you see
    I’m the king of rap, you sucka MC!

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  3. Lula Says:

    you earn with your spiel sick Burns like the Wheel
    Empires die in fires when my ire is revealed
    I Shock: the Grey Ranks with some superHuman Contact
    and rock a stage, bangin’ while, loser, you been comment—
    in’ on Story-Games, purportin’ I’m ignorin’ Forge theory
    your wackness just can’t hack it—do you need a Rule Zero, G?
    maybe later you’ll impress me, but that prattle’s rot
    hater PLAYas cannot TEST me, so RAP BATTLE: STOP.

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