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Due Vigilance: New 24-Hour Game

2011 Feb 21

Today I finished and just submitted a new 24-hour game for RPG Geek’s ongoing contest.

Due Vigilance (5-page PDF) is a Apocalypse World-influenced, “structured freeform” game about contemporary vigilantes. I’m anticipating that it’ll start out somewhat ambiguous and end up spiraling out of control, but I really want to see it in play to see whether the experience will be as strong as I suspect it might be.

I forgot to mention Blowback among the influences, but I hope Elizabeth will forgive me until I can find time to try the game out and make revisions. Also, Emily’s games about real people (Breaking the Ice, A Day in the War, even Sign in Stranger) should probably be on there too. It’s difficult to remember everybody I’m in intellectual debt to, but kinda terrible that I specifically forgot the female designers in this case. Oh! Paul’s Bacchanal should be there as well! Maybe it wasn’t just latent sexism…