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Super Spotsylvania: Blackbeard’s Revenge

2011 Mar 14

There are plans on SG for putting together an anthology of short vampire games. And I owe Jason Morningstar a game about NC pirates from way back, so it seemed like the perfect combination.

The Actual, Honest-to-Goodness Facts

  • Blackbeard’s flag depicts a demonic skeleton stabbing a heart with a spear; uh huh.
  • When Blackbeard was killed in 1718, his head was cut off and his body thrown overboard, but the body kept swimming around the boat before finally sinking.
  • Blackbeard’s skull was supposedly turned into a silver chalice; also, mysterious ghostly lights are often seen traveling to and from his former residence at Plum Point during storms.
  • In the 1740s, Blackbeard’s favorite hangout, Bath NC, was cursed for its heathen ways by the wandering minister George Whitefield and thereafter failed to prosper; coincidentally, George Whitefield carried his coffin with him when he traveled and even slept in it, rather than stopping in an immoral inn.
  • Blackbeard’s second-in-command, Israel Hands, received a pardon in exchange for testifying against all the corrupt officials Blackbeard had consorted with; it is unclear what happened to him afterwards.
  • Virginia governor Alexander Spotswood, the man indirectly responsible for Blackbeard’s demise, later retired to his estate in Spotsylvania VA which was called, no joke, The Enchanted Castle; the largest nearby community was called Germanna, because Spotswood brought large numbers of German settlers there to operate his ironworks.

So the plot of the game probably goes something like this:

Blackbeard is a vampire and he has returned to undeath c. 1750 to take revenge on everyone who wronged him. He has set up shop in the cursed town of Bath and the vampire George Whitefield is assisting him. Indeed, it may have been Whitefield who traveled all the way from Boston and New York to help bring Blackbeard back. Together they’ve captured one of the daughters or granddaughters of Alexander Spotswood and are preparing to sacrifice her soul to open a portal to Hell and bring back all the great dead buccaneers. The players take on the role of Israel Hands — who knows Blackbeard better than anyone — and other badass historical persons and attempt to destroy the vampires and their evil plot. Of course, this will all lead to a final showdown in the Enchanted Castle of Spotsylvania.

The rules are going to be derived from the Snow Queen / Zelda-inspired game I’ve been working on for a long time, since I really want to see those work in play. I’m excited to begin putting this together once I actually get done with exams and have the time.