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AW: The Broodmother

2011 Apr 8

Finished the second one, for Christopher Weeks, who was pondering what the Brainer would be like as a parent. As a bonus, I included the infamous Brainer gear known as the corkscrew.

Just so folks know, I’m happy to trade these for any other “limited edition” AW content that people have created, no questions asked. Sharing with fellow enthusiasts is the whole point!

AW: The Wurm

2011 Apr 8

Finished the first of a number of mini-playbooks (AW-style “prestige classes”) that I’m trading with folks. This one is for a Hoarder who collects books of lost knowledge. There’s a pretty awesome move where you can take a gunshot to one of the books you’re carrying in your chest pocket, like in all those Westerns. It’s called Bullet in a Bible. You can only get a copy of this by trading something with me or Brenden Conway. So… what ya got?