AW: The Wurm

2011 Apr 8

Finished the first of a number of mini-playbooks (AW-style “prestige classes”) that I’m trading with folks. This one is for a Hoarder who collects books of lost knowledge. There’s a pretty awesome move where you can take a gunshot to one of the books you’re carrying in your chest pocket, like in all those Westerns. It’s called Bullet in a Bible. You can only get a copy of this by trading something with me or Brenden Conway. So… what ya got?

8 Responses to “AW: The Wurm”

  1. buzz Says:

    Man, I really hate this trading-for-AW-playbooks thing.

  2. My take on it is that Vincent wants a bunch of people to be creating custom content, leading to a brisk market in trading AW stuff. But because only a few folks have created stuff so far (and because existing trades happen for pictures of masks and rocks, not inspiring people to create their own content), it hasn’t happened. I’m trying to prime the pump a little bit, which will hopefully lead to more cool stuff being created.

    I don’t know whether I agree that this is the best way to promote content for the game or not (rather than, say, releasing stuff as free PDFs), but barter is in the spirit of the game and it’s what Vincent wants, so I’m trying to give it a fair try.

  3. Lukas Says:

    Apocalypse World playbooks are the new Pokémon.

  4. buzz Says:

    Understood, but I don’t think this barter for playbooks thing is making the indie scene appear any less of an exclusive clique.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this will end eventually and someone will just publish a dang book.

  5. Marc Majcher Says:

    For what it’s worth, I traded a totally non-AW-related dollop of game design for the Wurm book. In my eyes, it’s less about being cliquish and more about trading things for fun, but maybe that’s just me…

  6. Alex D. Says:

    I’ve got a ton of variant moves, a few for each Playbook, to up the supernatural quotient in a way that relates to each book – “magic powers”, if you will, except (hopefully) more interesting.

    It’s a plain text file, and not formatted, and maybe needs an editing, but there it is. I’ll trade that for this – it’s not available anywhere, yet, except my hard drive.

    – Alex D.

    • Alex, that sounds great. Email me and I’ll send you whatever one you want. Jaywalt at that mail thing that starts with G.

      • Alex D. Says:

        Sent you a link; it’s up on Google Docs. Some of it might be unclear or badly worded; if you’ve got a question, please ask.

        – Alex D.

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