AW: The Loner

2011 Apr 9

Finished the next one, for Andrea Mognon. This may be my favorite so far, because ex-operator gunluggers are near and dear to my own heart, having played one recently.

I’ll send this one to anyone who posts an anecdote from their play experiences about something or someone from an AW character’s past coming back to haunt them.

2 Responses to “AW: The Loner”

  1. Steve Says:


    I’d love the Loner playbook. Here’s my anecdote:

    I was playing Must the Hocus. In the first session, he had to deliver the baby of his brother’s (Jakkabakka) wife. Must screwed up the delivery massively, leaving both the baby and the wife dead. After a violent confrontation, Jakkabakka left the truck stop we were based around, taking some of Must’s cult with him, to make a new life.

    Many, many sessions later, and Must had stopped looking over his shoulder for Jakkabakka to return. As players, we’d stopped making jokes about about how Jakkabakka would show up in the most recent location we’d been travelling to. We’d spent most of the intervening time dealing with an increasingly serious invasion of cannibals who were bringing an ‘evil’ version of the psychic maelstrom along with them, rendering the very ground beneath us infertile and leaving people with no option but to eat each other.

    Eventually we broke the back of the cannibal horde, and in the quiet that followed we tried to figure out how we would feed the inhabitants of our holding.

    That’s when Jakkabakka showed up again.

    He was dressed immaculately, with a group of shiny happy people trailing behind him. He invited people from our holding out to his caravans, where he promised them unlimited supplies of fresh food. Food that looked like human feet and arms.

    Our MC (Simon C) had re-created Jakkabakka as a commentary on everything Must wasn’t: Jakkabakka was a much more compentent Hocus, with a happy family, willing to do whatever it took to keep them fed and content.

    It was a jaw-droppingly cool moment for me.

  2. Max Says:

    Does it count if it was baked into the character origin? I was playing Marlene the driver whose other car was an assault hovercraft, but drivers don’t normally have access to that sort of thing. She was an engineer building it for the leader of a jetski gang who had holed up in an abandoned military research facility. She wasn’t building it fast enough, so they shot her husband, and she stole the hovercraft and named it after him. One day when she returned to the dock holding the barge where she lived with her kids, she saw some jetskis, and knew there was trouble in town.

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