[Simon’s Quest] Super Suit: Press Start

2011 Jun 3

Simon Carryer and I are going to try out playing a 2-player version of Super Suit right here on this blog. He’s going to play the protagonist and I’m going to be the alien world plagued by the deep horrors.

Hi Simon! Here’s the first few pages of rules as they currently stand. They ask you to randomly roll or pick options off various lists, filling in the details about your character, her background, her mission, the planet she’s on, and the deep horrors. Here’s my thoughts on rolling vs. choosing, which haven’t yet been included in the rules yet (but probably will). When one of the options calls out to you or especially excites you, pick it. When you like a number of different options, have questions about them, or aren’t sure, roll the dice. These basic suggestions will apply throughout the game, I think.

So follow these instructions, maybe one 2-page spread at a time, and let me know what you’re thinking in the comments, plus whether you’ve rolled your options or picked them. Even though I’m playing the planet full of horrors, I’m going to be opinionated and offer suggestions, especially on the stuff that I’m going to be responsible for (like the planet and horrors, but also your mission), because I feel like there should be some give-and-take in this stuff when playing 2-player (even though, yeah, that isn’t suggested by the current rules either). So also let me know where you’re unsure or flexible with your choices and where you’re more certain.

There’s a working example of the intro stuff at the end of this batch of pages, in case that helps.

12 Responses to “[Simon’s Quest] Super Suit: Press Start”

  1. Simon C Says:


    I rolled up Joney Phantom. Bodyguard and ex-Space Marine.

    I rolled the first three and chose the last one.

    I wasn’t sure how this would go, but right now I’m liking Joney. I kinda want to see more of her. I was going to roll for everything but then I rolled “Pirate” for what she used to do, and that seemed less interesting than having a more reputable past and being a bit down on her luck. I’m imagining her having a bit of a superior attitude.

  2. Nice! Well, this playtest is already helpful.

    Yes, it’s totally cool to decide to pick a different option after rolling one you don’t like. I should probably say that too.

    Also, clearly the text should ask you some questions here, so I’m going to step in on its behalf:

    — Is “Phantom” her real surname, vat designation, something she earned in the corps, a working name, or something else?

    — So Joney’s not bodyguarding for corperate or governmental bigwigs, then, yeah? What kind of people is she working for if she’s down on her luck? Intergalactic drug traffickers? Or more small-scale and local than that?

    — How long has it been since the left the marines? Was her term up or the war over, or did she retire, get kicked out, or go AWOL?

  3. Simon C Says:

    Good questions.

    “Phantom” is a working name, I guess. Her parents weren’t Mr and Mrs Phantom, for sure. Maybe it’s a class of space-battleship?

    She’s a bodyguard for seedy low-lifes. Drug king-pins, smugglers, shady businessmen, etc. That’s where her attitude comes from. Sure she needs the money, but she used to carry a gun for the galaxy’s most elite fighting force. She’s better than her current job.

    Her whole unit was discharged after a secret operation went bad. The brass denied all knowledge, claimed they were a rogue unit, and had them all kicked from the force.

    On to step two? Do I roll those up as well, or do you?

  4. Nice, I like it. Clearly we need to find out more about that failed operation in play.

    On to the next section! I think we’ll keep letting you roll or pick these, since I’m going to weigh in on the results anyway.

  5. BTW, option 6 on the types of alien worlds is probably going to be some kind of human- or alien-made artificial world, moon, or other large satellite. Probably not ringworlds or dyson spheres, something smaller.

  6. Simon C Says:

    Crynox III – An abandoned world. I’m imagining huge sandstone pillars carved into vaguely humanoid shapes, but weathered by wind and rain so much that they only hint at their original designs. They could almost be natural formations. I reckon this used to be inhabited by aliens, but they’ve long since vanished, maybe because of famines, or else environmental disaster. There’s no evidence they had more than bronze-age technology. The only people who live here are a few teams of xenoarchaeologists, who live in isolated outposts around the planet, resupplied every few years.

    Maybe Joney has landed beside one of these outposts? I wonder if the lights are on? It’s all plastic domes, silver foil air ducts, crates of dirt and dust, and maybe a few crawlers parked up nearby.

  7. Cool. Can the pillars be, like, naturally occurring mesas that have been shaped by the former inhabitants and then weathered away by sandstorms (in the dry season, when everything’s covered in dust) and rainstorms (in the monsoon season, when everything’s covered in mud)?

    I like the xenoarchaeologists’ camps. So your last pick on that page is “facility,” then?

    Is the atmosphere breathable by humans? Do the archaeologists have to wear facemasks or full-body suits?

    Keep on rolling, I’m liking this a lot.

  8. Simon C Says:

    I like it too!

    Mesas: Totally.

    I like the idea of facemasks. Like, maybe the world has low oxygen, or else other chemicals that are not so good for breathing. You can get by without a mask for a little while, but it feels like someone is sitting on your chest and you’re breathing through a straw.

    Of the missions, I like “last big mission” best. I chose that rather than roll, as none of the others fit. Maybe she’s supposed to meet someone here? She’s a bodyguard right? Who’s she guarding? Maybe one of the archaeologists found something, and wants to sell it off on the black market. Joney is here to make the pickup, on behalf of some smuggler.

    For clues I rolled “Signs of the deep horrors, and their origins”. What got broke? For origins, do you mean “what made them” or “where did they come from?” I like the image of the archaeologist’s dig site, with an opening into an underground labyrinth, carving on the walls and such. Definitely the archaeologists have gone. Is that specific enough? More clues? Help me out here.

  9. +facemasks. +last big mission.

    Is she basically planning on getting out of the bodyguard business after this? Maybe the artifact is worth enough money that she’s going to take her cut and try to find another line of work or at least more classy clientèle?

    Hmm, yeah, I guess the clues, especially the ones about the deep horrors, don’t really make much sense until you have some sense of what the horrors are, yeah? (That’s the next spread). Really, the whole clues section can probably wait until after we make the map of your landing site. Also, note to self: the current rules don’t make it clear that you can roll or pick a number of different starting clues.

    In any event, let’s skip the clues for now. I’ll rethink when those should come.

    On to the horrors! And then we can make maps…

  10. Simon C Says:

    I rolled “Death”, which I like.

    I’m imagining something about the dead and departed aliens being not so dead and not so departed. Alien ghosts. Maybe these guys have technologies that humans don’t, like they can imprint a facsimile of their brain into an object. It looks like weird carvings, but it’s actually the brains of the aliens. They’ve put themselves into long-term storage, waiting for something. And now their sleep is being disturbed.

  11. Totally digging undead aliens whose thoughts are encoded as hieroglyphics.

    Couple other thoughts: seems like you’re kinda merging the “artifact” and “last big score” missions, yeah? You’re picking up something (probably an alien artifact) to deliver off-world to a client.

    Also: can we say that the rainy season is rapidly approaching and that the archaeologists have to finish their work digging in the dust before everything is flooded and they have to wait until next season (8 months away) to continue? It’s still cool if the archaeologists are missing, but I like the idea of some kind of time crunch before everything gets more difficult.

    Sounds like we’re close to being set. Here’s what I suggest now: let’s both sit on it for 24 hours, daydream about it, and then come back tomorrow.

  12. Simon C Says:

    Sounds good. The daydreaming time will be excellent. I’m already having thoughts.

    One thing that I’m thinking right now is that, ideally, it’d be nice to go into the game not knowing much about the deep horrors, so we can discover it in play. This way, where I’m authoring a lot about them, removes some of the mystery.

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