[Simon’s Quest] Super Suit: Post-Daydreaming

2011 Jun 5

Hi Simon! So this isn’t in the rules yet, but this is what I’m going to suggest we do now.

All that stuff you rolled up? It doesn’t matter now. That stuff served to get us on the same page and inspire our daydreams about the game. From here on out, we don’t look at it anymore, okay? That was just the initial brainstorming, not anything that’s set in stone in the fiction. If some of it caught our imagination, we remember it (without looking back!), and we want to preserve it, that’s great. But the stuff that we don’t remember anymore obviously wasn’t that critical in the first place. And we’re free to invent whatever new details we like to paper over any holes that exist.

BUT! From now on, everything (well, most everything) we say happens in the game, just like that.

Now, having generated some material and daydreamed about it, let’s nail down the premise (in the normal English sense) of the game by doing this:

1. First, you tell me about Joney: who she is and what’s her deal. We don’t need a lot of detail, just the kind of stuff that would show up as scrolling text in the beginning of one of these games.

2. Then, I tell you about this alien world and illustrate a map of Joney’s landing site.

3. Next, you tell me why you’re on this planet (your mission) and what your super suit looks like when you step out of your ship.

4. Finally, you walk me through Joney’s initial recon of her landing site and I tell you what signs (clues) she finds there, before she heads deeper in.

How’s that?

4 Responses to “[Simon’s Quest] Super Suit: Post-Daydreaming”

  1. Simon C Says:


    Joney Phantom: Bodyguard, security consultant, space mercenary. Once upon a time she was a member of the galaxy’s most feared Space Marine Commandos, but she was sold out by the brass, given her papers, and off-shipped to make her way with all the other low-lifes, space-port scum, and grifters.

    But she’s never forgotten where she came from. Never forgotten that once upon a time, she was better than all this, and if her luck comes in right, maybe one day she will be again.

  2. Very nicely done.

    Here’s the planet intro, so you can tell me about your mission and suit while I draw up the landing site.

    Cygnus III is a miserably little world — dusty in the dry season, muddy in the rainy season, and vexed by violent electrical storms in both.

    The only inhabitants are a dozen competing xeno-archaeologists, scattered across a handful of excavation sites. During the dry season, they frantically scour Cygnus III’s alien ruins, until the rain descends and washes all their hard work back into the earth.

    P.S. Your starting gear for your suit is described on these two spreads (one, two), which haven’t changed much, starting on the right side of the first one.

  3. Simon C Says:

    Joney’s mission is to pick up some contraband from one of the archaeologists, on behlf of some shady smuggler. Probably he’s going to on-sell it to a collector who doesn’t ask too many questions. Joney’s cut of the sale will be enough to set her up as the commander of a reputable mercenary outfit, doing actual legal work for real governments, rather than criminals and dirtbags.

    Her suit is a bulky thing, with thick ceramic plates on a servo-assisted chassis. The onboard computer though has been attuned over long years of use to predict her movements, and the suit moves with surprising grace. The power pack on the back is a heavy steel framwork, with wires and lights and such. Her suit has magnetic couplings on the feet and hands, for zero-g combat on ships. In gravity, they’re strong enough to hold her to a wall or ceiling, provided it’s of ferrous material, but movement is slow.

  4. Nice. I think the way we did things here has also helped me figure out something about Geiger Counter. I’ll have to remember that.

    The new post with the map it up.

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