[Simon’s Quest] Super Suit: The Landing Site

2011 Jun 6

Hey Simon! Here’s the landing site map that I whipped up. I may end up drawing most of the maps digitally, but I wanted to at least sketch out the first one by hand.

Off to the bottom left, off of the map, is the dusty landing strip where your ship touched and you rolled forward to rest at the base of this mesa that shelters the Camp II dig site. We didn’t talk about your ship yet, so I didn’t draw it on the map. You wanna tell me about that first and then we’ll get to exploring the landing site?

7 Responses to “[Simon’s Quest] Super Suit: The Landing Site”

  1. Simon C Says:

    The ship is just a beat up old runabout picked up on a back-lot somewhere. The Ford Cortina of the galaxy. From the outside it looks basically wedge-shaped, with a cockpit at the front, and behind there’s a tiny cramped sleeping space and an airlock bay stacked on top of each other. The engines are these four giant pods on the corners – not that the thing is fast, it’s just horribly inefficient. It’s all matte grey.

  2. Simon C Says:

    I sketched up a little picture of Joney Phantom in her suit. It’s here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1164498/Photo%2044.jpg

    You can see her gun-arm (a huge clanky thing) and the power pack on the back. You can’t see her magnetic boots.

  3. Nice, I like your ship and your suit. Cool that you carried on the face-mask theme to Joney as well.

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I had to go finish getting my MA :)

    Let’s explore the landing site!

    So here’s the things you can do when you’re not shooting things or trying to overcome obstacles (you never have either horrors or obstacles at your landing site):

    — move one card at a time, telling me how (walking, climbing, jumping, etc.)

    — ask me about stuff you can see, hear, etc.

    — scan anything you like with your super suit’s computers, asking me questions about it that you figure your suit can answer

    Once you leave the landing site and I have to draw new cards (which, in this case, includes going through doors and down tunnels and stuff), there’s the possibility of running into obstacles and horrors, and we’ll talk about what you do then at that point.

  4. Simon C Says:

    Sweet! Good work with the MA! I’m surprised you’re not a total banana right now.

    Joney is gonna walk one card over, towards the right of the screen. She’ll bring up infra-red scanners on the computer. It has a little screen output on her left arm that’s a feed from a camera on the gun arm, which she’s sweeping back and forth.

  5. Joney’s scanners show an invisible residue that glows white in her scanners. It trails from the mouth of the tunnel entrance — right next to her — over to the door of the Camp II facility entrance. The door itself is splattered in this residue.

  6. Simon C Says:

    Joney narrows her eyes, all like “Why can’t something be easy for once?”

    She’ll head over to the Camp II entrance, and hit the door’s open key. There’s a floodlight on her gun which she’ll switch on to light up the room if required.

  7. Sorry for the delay; parents are in town!

    I’m working on generating and sketching up the new card now!

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