Due Vigilance: Basic Moves, Part 1

2011 Sep 8

I think I have a later version of these moves somewhere, but I can’t put my fingers on them. In any case, this is the direction I’m currently going in.

One of the core principles is if it’s not a crime, don’t roll for it.

When you assault & batter, roll+STAT. On a hit, inflict harm as established. On a 10+, they stay down. On a 7-9, the GM picks one:

  • they don’t stay down;
  • you get ’em, but not before they get theirs (you suffer little harm);
  • you expose yourself or someone else to danger.

If you assault with a deadly weapon, use these results instead. On a 10+, pick which one:

  • you inflict harm as established;
  • you inflict terrible harm;
  • you straight-up kill a dude.

On a 7-9, pick as above, but the GM will first tell you which one it’s NOT.

When you destroy property, commit arson, or sabotage, +workspace. When you have followed the necessary steps, you get hold equal to STAT. Spend your hold 1-for-1 to:

  • inflict harm as established;
  • shock, dismay, or frighten;
  • have the impact linger;
  • ensure this will never be made whole again.

You can pick additional options above, without spending hold, but they also apply to yourself. If you hold 0, you must do this at least once. If you have negative hold, spend as normal but you (and, perhaps, those with you) share in all consequences.

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