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Metrofinál [Beta] Released

2011 Nov 5

I wrote the first draft of this game in 2006, so I can’t tell you how excited I am that — five years later — it’s finally ready to share with other folks. I don’t think there’s anything out there that provides a play experience quite like it. Enjoy!

The Play Materials

Metrofinál Game Board (8.5×14″, single-sided)
Metrofinál Rules (booklet)
Metrofinál Character/Station Cards (8.5×11″, double-sided)

Other Stuff

I’m also working to compile a set of playtest notes based on my own play — though I’ve only played this version once and that was not even exactly the same as the beta — things that are more advice than rules and will eventually be worked more fully into the text in a future gamma version. That’ll be posted at some point and kept regularly updated, especially because there’s no promise on when any gamma version of this will be released. The beta took me five years! My design philosophy is to work on stuff when I’m inspired to do so, which can require a fair bit of patience. BUT! This version works pretty great as it stands, and I hope folks really get something out of it.