All Cosmos: Last-Minute STAGE ONE Entry

2011 Nov 7

Here’s something that just hit me:

1. Each player brings their own unique set of “adventure game” dice, d4 to d20.

2. Roll a whole bunch of other random dice on the table, like the “scoop-worth” you can buy from Chessex at conventions.

3. Take turns doing the following:

A. Starting with your d4, roll your die onto the playing space, trying to get it to touch a bunch of other dice. You’re going to want to do this strategically, as you’ll see in a minute.

B. Pick up your die and whatever dice are touching it. Roll these together separately off to the side.

C. If your dice rolls higher than some of the other dice, SUCCESS! You’ve captured them! Place them in your personal stash, away from the play space, and return the others to the central pool, just rolling them back onto the table.

D. Pass the turn to the next player and, while they’re going, roll your dice on MASSIVE TABLE NOT INCLUDED to figure out what you captured. This table is subdivided by your current die size, so start with the d4 tables. Maybe you captured a thumbtack or a pack of chewing gum!

E. If you’ve collected objects equal to the faces on your current die, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve increased your die size! On your next turn, roll the die from your set that’s one step bigger: d4 > d6 > d8 > d10 > d12 > d20.

4. You win the game if you expand your rolling die past d20 (rolling up 20 dice with a d20) or if you have the largest collection of stuff when all the dice are removed from the table (or, whenever you decide to stop).

5. It is recommended that, whenever they roll, players are required to hum or sing the themesong to Katamari Damacy.

6. There are SECRET BONUS rules for what happens when you get a bunch of the same thing (i.e. multiple cows) or complementary items (toothbrush and toothpaste).

8 Responses to “All Cosmos: Last-Minute STAGE ONE Entry”

  1. Simon C Says:

    Fun! You’re digging on the “table full of dice” designs at the moment.

    I wonder if, rather than having a giant table full of things, you could have like, a literal giant table full of things. Like, “everyone empty your pockets and the small pouches on your terribly fashionable satchels”

  2. Steve Hickey Says:

    I would love to put a map of the room you’re playing in on the table, with the position of the thrown dice corresponding to appropriately sized ‘stuff’ in that position of the real-world room.

    As levels expand, the map on the table can be resized to represent your house, your neighbourhood, your suburb.

    Also: I love Katamari Damarcy. Love it. If this game works, I’ll love it too. And if it can incorporate the dysfunctional relationship between the King and the Prince then it will be frickin’ awesome.

  3. This is so simple and yet…so smart. Imagine a house con, with people playing games in every room. In one room, there’s a disco ball & colored lights flashing, the soundtrack of Katamari Damacy is playing, and a perpetual, drop-in drop-out game of All Cosmos is being played. There’s also a bar serving only cosmopolitans.

  4. You guys are beating me to it! I’m going to review my own game first, as an example of the invitation process, and some of this stuff is what I was planning to say!

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  6. Steve Hickey Says:

    Heh. It just occured to me that if you wanted to, you could pitch this as ‘the tidying game’. Parents can use this as a game to convince their kids to pick up stuff off the floor really quickly!

  7. Robert Bruce Says:

    Played a game. Music is essential.

    We didn’t have that many dice, so every time we advanced a die size we rolled our collected dice back in. It was a cool way to make sure the board gets repopulated with dice and is kind of a catchup mechanic for the losing player, because the easy dice get thrown back in.

  8. Robert: I’m psyched that you played it! Do you feel like my comments and criticism in my review post matched with your experiences? Would those suggested changes have made it more fun, do you think?

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