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MG/Continuum Play Sheets Done

2009 Mar 30

I just finished hacking MG to run Continuum in a way that I think is going to be really cool. The character and combat sheets I made for the game are posted up here (PDF). I’m only having a problem trying to figure out what the “Cobweb” stratagem should do, aside from serving as a […]

Thoughts on Continuum

2007 Apr 18

First off, the game fiction in Continuum is the best I’ve ever seen anywhere, period. Like, it’s actually good fiction, not just good game fiction. It reminds me a lot of The Time Traveler’s Wife actually and vice-versa, because it deals with many of the same themes with similar poignancy, especially on knowing the future […]

On Publishing: What I Should Have Said

2011 Mar 17

Based on my brother’s recommendation, I recently read part of Michael Azerrad’s Our Band Could Be Your Life, about the rise of indie rock music in the 1980s. What it reminded me of — especially in the sections about “selling out” or bands “blowing up” or whatever — is that there will always be tensions […]

Degrees of Abstraction

2009 Oct 4

I’m at a frustrating crossroads with the Snow Queen game where I have to figure out which of my various conflicting intentions to follow and which need to be left behind by the side of the road. The main issue I’m wrestling with is the degree of abstraction vs. representation in the graphics / mapping […]

Danger Sxool Playtest Notes

2009 Apr 17

I posted my playtest notes for Danger Sxool, in case anybody interested in what a first draft of a Harper-style scenario might look like, before it’s been put through the paces. If you’re vaguely familiar with Mouse Guard, Bliss Stage, and Nobilis — and can decipher my very sketchy rules notes — you might be […]

Your Yet is Burning

2009 Mar 27

Last night, we finished the Mouse Guard campaign I’ve been running, after 7 sessions. It was, without a doubt, one of the best roleplaying experiences I’ve had in the past couple years and several other players said something similar. Overall, I thought the system supported us pretty well, though we didn’t really use Traits very […]

Rockfolk & Businessfolk

2008 Oct 21

Paraphrasing a recent conversation about publishing, I often find it helpful to think about independent publishing in terms of “rockfolk” and “businessfolk.” Individual publishers don’t always fall cleanly into one of these categories — Luke, for example, seems to be both — so it’s really a question of priorities. Folks who approach independent publishing like […]

All Tomorrow’s Parties

2008 Sep 13

It’s really weird how I sometimes sit down and have temporarily lost interest in a lot of the games I’m designing or was previously really excited about running, only to be struck from left-field with an overwhelming desire to run something completely different. Today, for example, I’m really excited about setting aside Transantiago, The Snow […]

Last Days of Old Macao

2007 Jul 10

This is my attempt to de-stereotype a stereotypical cultural setting, organized crime in South China. I hope to take this media genre – as depicted in gangster movies and games like Feng Shui, Ninjas & Superspies, Hong Kong Action Theatre, and the like – and connect it the reality of an actual time and place: […]

The Shadow of Yet: version 0.1

2007 Apr 17

This is a hack of Continuum, inspired by the rules of The Shadow of Yesterday. This post is a work in progress and I plan to update it regularly as I go. Right now, it’s just an outline. I’m also planning on simplifying and remixing the Continuum source material as I go. POOLS BODY instead […]