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MG/Continuum Play Sheets Done

2009 Mar 30

I just finished hacking MG to run Continuum in a way that I think is going to be really cool. The character and combat sheets I made for the game are posted up here (PDF). I’m only having a problem trying to figure out what the “Cobweb” stratagem should do, aside from serving as a Feint. If anyone else out there is familiar with both Continuum and Mouse Guard, I would definitely appreciate some help.

Otherwise, I think most people with knowledge of both games should be able to run this pretty easily, just from the character sheets. Once I actually get around to playtesting this hack, I’ll try to write up a one-sheet of guidelines for making it work well.

P.S. Thanks to Willow for some early suggestions.

Burning Yet

2009 Mar 28

Why is that a character sheet I see?


Now I just need a second sheet with a conflict / time combat summary.

P.S. Yes, your Nature is now defined by the Instincts you choose. Acting along with your Instincts is acting with your Nature. Acting against your Instincts or outside of your Instincts is acting against your Nature. I think that rocks on toast, as long as the players aren’t fools. But then, I pity the fool who chooses “I’m like Wolverine” as an Instinct.

Your Yet is Burning

2009 Mar 27

Last night, we finished the Mouse Guard campaign I’ve been running, after 7 sessions. It was, without a doubt, one of the best roleplaying experiences I’ve had in the past couple years and several other players said something similar. Overall, I thought the system supported us pretty well, though we didn’t really use Traits very much and, by the end, I was using the simplified NPC rules they use for animals for mice as well (it was just way easier, like using the simplified “2d4+3d6+2d8 Raise 4d6” NPC rules for Dogs in the Vineyard).

I’m going to take a week off and think of what I want to run next, potentially as my last game in Boston, what with getting into UW and moving to Seattle near the end of the summer. My current instinct is to run Continuum using a slightly hacked version of the Mouse Guard rules. Something like:

The feeling that you’re having, that tell-tale mixture of panic and nausea? Some narcissist has Fragged you good and the future is crying out in pain: your Yet is burning. Now, you can stay Level here feeling sorry for yourself, or… we can find the little bastard that did this, Frag his sorry ass until he doesn’t know Up from Down, and then fix whatever he’s done to you. What d’ya say?

Time Combat

  • RENDEZVOUS (New Scripted Action): You meet with allied characters and share information.
  • FRUNE / ORACLE / MEASURE / IRON MAN / REVERSE ENGINEER (Maneuver): You gather information on your target, using Circles, research skills, or your own personal observation.
  • HIT & RUN / FLUSH / ISOLATE / STATUE OF LIBERTY (Attack): You Frag or hurt your target in various ways. You can only do this once you have a target, after a successful Maneuver/Feint or after a Rendezvous where you were given information from a successful Maneuver/Feint.
  • PATCH / HIDE (Defend): You either attempt to temporarily fix whatever Frag your target has done to you or attempt to mask your own whereabouts.
  • COBWEB / HARBINGER / SURRENDER (Feint): All three of these involve traps or attempting to demoralize your target.

All Tomorrow’s Parties

2008 Sep 13

It’s really weird how I sometimes sit down and have temporarily lost interest in a lot of the games I’m designing or was previously really excited about running, only to be struck from left-field with an overwhelming desire to run something completely different.

Today, for example, I’m really excited about setting aside Transantiago, The Snow Queen, and Agonia to pick up my notes (posted April 17 & 18, 2007) for running Continuum using the Solar System / The Shadow of Yesterday.

Specifically, I’m actually thinking about reviving a novice corner (warning: Continuum jargon begins here) called “All Tomorrow’s Parties” that I ran in a play-by-email-game in 2001 or so. That game never really went that far but included Jack Aidley (Game Chef 2004 winner) of all people. For some crazy reason, I decided to set that game in Coventry, England, but I think a new version of that corner should be set in Cambridge or Somerville. One of the best things about All Tomorrow’s Parties, as a corner, was me getting to play their rather unconventional mentor, Gibson, who was himself a reformed Narcissist. Gibson’s younger self, then, was the leading mastermind behind many of the Narc attacks within ATP’s jurisdiction.

Already, I’m pondering an opening session involving an incident where a Narc takes off from a plane in Logan and is effectively fragging Somerville and Cambridge from the air (I’ve noticed a lot of low-flying planes recently, definitely within the 1 mile range of a Span 1). Everybody loves spanning through the air, after all…