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Everything Old is New Again

2007 Sep 29

Turns out this is my week for digging out old projects and posting them. The Flower Revenge, which Paul Czege and Danielle apparently want me to turn into a comic, was just the tip of the iceberg.

Today I found and posted:

I’m going to try to dig up and post a bunch of other earlier stuff, since I want to do a better job of making One Thousand One into a repository of all my previous work and a place where I can come to synthesize earlier drafts of things into new, working versions.

Retro: Cue the Music

2007 Mar 2

This game is a bizarre gem of a concept was inspired by Shreyas’ Mridangam. The question that led to Mridangam, which Rich Forest and I first discussed in Hong Kong, is “what if roleplaying emerged from something other than the wargaming tradition?” In Cue the Music, roleplaying evolved from improvisational music theater forms.

The players improvise lyrics, melodies, and vocal harmony on top of instrumental music that they all know (and, ideally, is performed live by musicians who may or may not also be players). I suppose, if you have musicians who are comfortable with the idea, they could improvise as well.

I think there’s a ton of potential in explicitly using music and singing as part of game design, as recently demonstrated by Graham’s rock karaoke game concept. It’s just a matter of someone putting the right package together.

– 2005 Feb 26: Original Livejournal Post