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How We Came to Rock Hard

2008 Jun 8

Spent part of the day working on the ashcan layout for Brennan’s upcoming mythic Anasazi game, How We Came to Live Here. Here’s my first crack at a character sheet:

This game is going to rock so hard. Along with Sign in Stranger (and last year’s Blossoms Are Falling, actually), it’s going to help make a case for making “culture” central in our play, not merely superficial color. Hopefully Brennan will be happy enough with my work that we can collaborate again once HWCTLH is dubbed ready for the Big Time. I hear Thor is giving it a healthy going-over right now, but it’s pretty damn good already. Like Brennan said, “Game design is definitely a skill you can practice, since I seem to improve with each attempt. This is the best game I’ve written so far.”

Can’t wait to play it.

Fourth Attempt

2008 May 8

Anthropology textbook meets the new Penguin paperbacks.

A bit too cheeky?

Third Attempt

2008 May 8

Maybe getting closer?

Second Attempt

2008 May 7

Here’s another attempt at the How We Came to Live Here cover, based on feedback from Jason Morningstar and John Harper. I tried to keep all my original elements (ladder, kokopelli, text elements), but build a simpler and more unified design while keeping that “anthropology fieldwork report” look that Brennan wanted. For references to the latter, check out this one and that one.

More feedback is always welcome.

Kokopelli is Very Excited for this Game

2008 May 6

Brennan asked me to do layout for the ashcan version of How We Came to Live Here, his game of mythic adventures in the ancient Southwest. I’m going to be posting some samples as I get them done, and feedback is very welcome.

Brennan’s also doing his part to bring more penis into roleplaying. First there was the excellent Jennifer Rodgers art for Mortal Coil. This time, I sent him a cover sketch for HWCTLH and he said, “That’s great, but we should use the real kokopelli… the one with a massive hard-on.” So there you have it.