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6 & 30 Blackbirds

2008 Dec 1

Murderland reviews following shortly.


Murderland Games

2008 Oct 9

Here’s a list of the games created for my week-long Murderland contest. If you wrote a game and it isn’t up here, let me know, because these are the ones I’m going to read, comment on, and potentially play to determine a winner. Note that you have a while to finish, if you’re still working, since the contest will go on as long as it’s still Friday somewhere in the world. I probably won’t get around to reading them until Sunday.

01. Joe McDonald – The Crows Danced Against It
02. Jared A. Sorensen – Twa Corbies
03. Matthijs Holter – We Eat Murder
04. Vincent Baker – Gathering [unsubmitted]
05. Simon Pettersson – A Murder of Four
06. Jesse Burneko – The Extraordinarily Horrible Children of Raven’s Hollow
07. Daniel Yokomizo – Murderland Road
08. Ara Kooser – Raven: Murder in a Faraway Land
09. Sean Musgrave – Murderland: Descent of the Raven Queen [eaten]
10. Mike Sands – The Wisdom of Ravens
11. Mike Sugarbaker – Moving to Murderland
12. Tomas HV Mørkrid – Raven: Claw and Beak
13. Sage LaTorra – Consider the Ravens
14. Filip Łuszczyk – A Conspiracy of Ravens
15. Jason Morningstar – Bodymore Murdaland
16. Marshall Burns – Crow’s Hoard
17. Josh Roby – Quoth the Raven
18. Christopher Weeks – Crow’s-Feet
19. [Not] Ben Lehman – The Raven Story Game
20. Mark Villianatos – Carrion
21. Danny Ozbot – If a Raven Calls Your Name
22. Jason Dettman – Murderland
23. Ben Wray – Murderland: Quest for the Sphinx of Quartz
24. Dave Cleaver – Three Ravens
25. Logos Seven – Thought and Memory
26. Stephen Bretall – Murderland Bites!
27. Simon Brake – One for Sorrow
28. David Donachie – A Parliament of Rooks
29. David Wendt – Raven, Wolf, and Cow: Tales from the Murderland Cafe
30. Elizabeth Shoemaker – Murderland [emailed]
31. Mo Turkington – Crow
32. Nathan Paoletta – Witness the Murder of Your Father and Be Ashamed, Young Prince
33. Eero Tuovinen – Valravnar for Ásagrimmr
34. Adam Dray – Crow: Space Scavengers
35. Jackson Tegu – Life Histories of North American Scavenging Birds Including the Crow
36. John Kantor – The Crows: Murderland

Murderland: Design Contest (Deadline Oct 10th)

2008 Oct 3

It’s about time for one of these.

1. Design a game that can be played in 60 minutes or less, including all prep & reading the rules (so make ’em relatively short, a few pages at most).
2. Here’s your theme: ravens (also known as crows, which come in ‘murders,’ hence the name).
3. Here’s your requirement: play can’t involve drawing or writing anything down, including marking off boxes, circling stuff, etc. No pens or pencils at the table.
4. I will play the three games I think look the best and pick a winner, so try not to require more than 5-6 players total.
5. The winner gets a $25 gift certificate to IPR or something in that vein, if IPR doesn’t excite them.
6. I’m not going to disqualify people for breaking the rules or not reading my mind; you’re just less likely to win.
7. Your game must contain the word ‘Murderland,’ somewhere in the title, such as “Murderland: Last Exits,” “Driving Through Murderland,” or “Chronicle of Extraordinary Locations: Murderland.”
8. Post or link to your game here.

Have at it!

UPDATE: So, on second thought, I’ve decided the titling requirement is a bit strict. As long as your game has ‘murder,’ ‘raven,’ or ‘crow’ in the title, I think you’re solid. So go ahead and write that game about the Raven Queen or whatever.