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Transantiago v0.2 Coming

2007 Nov 23

Spent today working out some updates to Transantiago, based on the playtest I ran at JiffyCon. The updates aren’t written out yet, but basically involve mixing the game up in a blender with When the Forms Exhaust Their Variety. Here’s the game record sheet I worked up:


Those Who Tarry at the Door

2007 Nov 4

In a further effort to consolidate all my past and present design work on this blog, I just posted my non-entry to Game Chef 2006, When the Forms Exhaust Their Variety. It is, without a doubt, the most Out There thing I’ve ever designed. The premise goes something like this:

    The game is for eight players, who, in the beginning, represent Those Who Tarry at the Door, a.k.a. The Petals of the World-Flower, a.ka. the eight doomed Bodhisattva. They are enlightened individuals who have chosen to return to the world of suffering even though the future age is near at hand. They will be trapped in the ashes of this world’s destruction and will not escape to enjoy the salvation of the Pure Land. They have made this sacrifice because they are the ones who must seek out Those Who Come in the Night, a.k.a. The Seeds of the Blossoming Flower, a.k.a. the eight emergant Buddha-to-be, who will, in their unity, bring about the next age.

I’ve promised Kevin Allen Jr. that I’ll finish this game one day. Interestingly enough, it’s recently been a strong influence on character classes in Firmament and the general feel of Transantiago.

I’ve been thinking about making Transantiago into a game I could publish. The name would probably have to change, because the Santiago public transportation system is the IP of the Santiago city government or the Chilean national government, but that’s okay. I’ve already started calling the full version of the game Lines in the Earth, at least in my head. And that version might incorporate a handful of mechanical and conceptual ideas from When The Forms Exhaust Their Variety to give the game additional structure and direction.